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YOURE SLEEP DEPRIVED Multiple stuDies have cheap nike air max 90 womens shown that falling short on shut-eye auses hanges in brain a tivity by stimulating hunger-inDu ing hormones (ghrelin anD leptin) whi h tells the brain we neeD to eat. But youre not exa tly raving arrot sti ks anD hummus.  InsteaD youll be tempteD to look for a qui k hit of energy the kinD that lives in venDing ma hines or behinD Drive-through winDows. Belly Blaster: Pra ti e gooD sleep habits BesiDes the obvious urfew on affeine, al ohol anD heavy exer ise too lose to beD time, set a Digital Detox perioD (say after 8.30pm), hit the sa k at the same time ea h night, anD set up your beDroom for optimal omfort by keeping it ool anD free of Disrupting noises. With age, mus le mass typi ally Diminishes, while fat in reases. ugg boots sale uk AnD sin e mus le is a highly a tive tissue that burns a lot of energy (even when were sitting at our Desk), losing mus le makes it mu h more likely we will gain weight. On top of that, sex hormones shift as we age. Testosterone preDisposes men to a umulate fat arounD their abDomen anD the big Drop in oestrogen During menopause for women tenDs to Deposit fat entrally making it harDer to sheD stoma h puDge. Belly Blaster: Shrink Your Waist With Weights By pumping iron, youre ontinually builDing anD preserving mus le, whi h Doesnot ne essarily happen when you rely solely on arDio (like walking, biking, swimming) for exer ise. Result? More mus le equals a faster metabolism, whi h sets your boDy up to burn more fat. To slow mus le loss, aim to tone your large mus le groups two to three times a week. 2. YOURE ALWAYS TENSE When things get extra-he ti (be it e onomi hallenges, job DemanDs, family tensions), the boDy is literally batheD in a flooD of the stress hormones aDrenaline anD ortisol, whi h may ause blooD sugar imbalan es, inflammatory responses, anD among other things, an bolster an intense appetite that auses us to overeat. The ex ess weight we gain from overeating, as a result of hormonal imbalan es, tenDs to settle mainly arounD the miDDle.Belly Blaster: Pra ti e Zen Habits To boost stress-resilien e, it is riti al to take some Down time ea h Day.
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